A comprehensive property database of commercial, industrial, residential, retail and specialised property data and property sales evidence that’s delivered to your smart device or PC in real time.

goDATA Key features

  • Simple data pages with options to collect a limited or detailed data records.
  • Commercial, industrial, retail data not just residential we cover all property data sectors.
  • Mobile in the field property database, take it with you and enter data live.
  • Built in analytical tools with graphs and charts.
  • Commercial, industrial, retail, office, resort and hotel and specialised property pages not just residential property data.
  • Intuitive pages for property professionals or people who just love property.
  • Scalable for any size business and we can customise to suit your business through our report template module and IT knowledge.

goDATA Benefits

  • Easy to learn modules and the valuation system has smart features to help you find the property data you need faster.
  • We are a quality property data provider with on the ground property knowledge to deliver better data. Our team are valuers and property experts.
  • Our property database is able to be used on any smart phone, pc or tablet. No need to buy new equipment, take it the field anytime and never miss a key property data point.
  • We don’t just deliver analytical tools we also do the analysis in formats you can use, export or integrate into you property reports.
  • Our database supports all property types and has smart functions to integrate all property types.
  • Our clients tell us we have the best property data pages and sales evidence platforms that are simple to use and delivers the property data they need to complete property research papers, property valuations and property reports faster.
  • We build the data directly into to your property reports and create analytical tools to suit your requirements. We save you time and money through increased efficiency. Our system allows you to better manage quality and property report content.