A creative property software platform that synergises your entire real estate business and property valuation practise. We upgrade your business to modern IT property solutions

All our modules feature

  • Build stacking plans and record occupiers and vacancies.
  • Build landlord and tenant reports.
  • Landlord and tenant representation modules
  • Build project records and store core data including plans and specifications, tenancy or sales terms.
  • Create service agreements for all your business lines electronically and fast.
  • Store all key assignment documentation securely and its mobile, take it anywhere.
  • Allocate tasks and set reminders across your entire business.
  • In real time our modules track pipeline and actual fees in charts and graphs.
  • Issue invoices, receipts or payments reminders through our job management tools.

goREAL Key features

  • Designed, build and tested by property people. Our director have over 35 year’s property experience.
  • Flexible real estate software modules designed to fit into your business.
  • Commercial, industrial, residential, retail and sales and leasing modules, add on project sales and research modules to customise our real estate software to your business.
  • Mobile in the field pages, take it with you and enter data live. Create options lists while at an appointment. That’s a real industry 1st.
  • Create stacking plans and product lists quickly and efficiently and we add in analytical tools, graphs and charts.
  • Commercial, industrial, retail, office, resort and hotel and specialised property pages not just residential property modules.
  • Intuitive pages for each property sector we understand not all sectors are not the same.
  • Customise for any size business, built to suit your business through our report template modules and IT knowledge.

goDATA Benefits

  • Easy to learn modules and the real estate system has smart features to help you organise property data faster.
  • We are a quality property data provider with on the ground property knowledge to deliver better real estate software solutions.
  • Our multi property database structure is able to be used on any smart phone, pc or tablet. No need to buy new equipment, take it the field anytime and never miss a key property data point.
  • We don’t just deliver property analytical tools we also do the analysis in formats you can use, export or integrate into you reports.
  • Our database supports all property types and has smart functions to integrate all property data types.
  • Our clients tell us we have the best data pages and platform, it’s simple to use and it delivers the property data they need to so they can complete property research papers, property valuations and property reports faster.
  • We build the data directly into your reports and can customise analytical tools to suit your requirements. We save you time and money through increased efficiency.