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Our team love property and have years of experience and valuable knowledge of real estate. We are trusted across 6 counties to deliver data platforms that excel at providing relevant and detailed property information. If your not using our software platforms then now is the time to upgrade.. Our clients tell us we are the leaders in intuitive PropTECH for property professionals. So why not put us to the test?

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PropTECH is what will drive you and your business into the future. Our technology and property teams have created a full complement of property attributes with particular emphasis on the property details, transactions, history and developer, owner, manager and builder identification linked to complete profiles for each property or company but thats not all we can do. Our list of service competencies are outlined below.

Property ID Technology

You may need a property credit identification or an accurate property record. Through our platforms and data management protocols we provide on time property reports via our web based portal. Your team can access data on demand and at anytime from anywhere. Store and attach relevant documents in live environments. Check description, last valuation, construction and condition via any smart device.


The pinnacle of years of dedication to the property profession. Our data team has collected property data across Asia and its in easy to read formats. We are the authority on property deals across ASIA. Our data is timely and reliable.

Portfolio Management

Our property software can help you manage your entire property portfolio or mortgage book. Our property technology helps our clients to stay connected to all their properties in one easy to use web portal. All your property data at your fingertips.

Valuation Technology

Valuation technology is where we have excelled. We have now designed and implemented property valuation systems across ASIA. Through our extensive knowledge of valuation methods and standards we have built the best interfaces that make our clients more efficient and accurate. Data is analysed and delivered to the valuer in a live work environment.

Annual or regular mark to market values

Our system can keep you informed of property movements. We can track market price variations and report any transaction activity. Smart systems that allows you to be hands free when it comes to determining market pricing.

Report tools

Bespoke built to your requirements. We understand your business is unique and we have the solutions you need to be ahead of the game. Standard or advanced reports, we can formulate call to action and data collection functions to meet your specialised needs. Export to your report formats, fast and efficiently.

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